Toolkit training

This fast paced toolkit training is all about getting you started so can use Brain Fuel in settings like project meetings, daily standups and scrum sessions.

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In this training we have a watch-us-then-do-it-yourself approach. That way you start building what we call Brainstorm Stamina; practice is key to lower any inhibitions you might have to run a short brainstorm with team members and customers.

For more seasoned brainstorm facilitators this Toolkit Training is a perfect refresher course on new brainstorming techniques without having to go through all the basics again.

Beginner / Intermediate
4 hours
€ 250,- per participant

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In this training you will learn:

  • A short introduction to basic brainstorming fundamentals;
  • The ground rules of brainstorming;
  • How to formulate a brainstorm question;
  • How to facilitate each and every Brain Fuel method. For a overview of the methods look at
  • How to use Brain Fuel worksheets to make your workload as a brainstorm leader lighter