Brain Fuel Sessions

Brain Fuel works perfectly together with business events in which you want your visitors to have fun, be inspired, develop their skills and solve challenges at the same time. From visitor, to participant! Contact us if you want something custom-made or check out several possible additions to your event below.

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Brainstorming with Brain Fuel is the perfect way to create fresh ideas and build innovative solutions to your challenges. When you have a particular challenging question, a brainstorm led by a certified Brain Fuel facilitator makes all the difference.

Beginner / Intermediate / Expert
 1,5 to 8 hours per session
4 to 500 participants

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Is your organisation looking for the perfect way to brainstorm about innovation in your work and to be inspired to change? Then you are looking for the Mindstorm!

Beginner / Intermediate / Expert
1,5 to 3 hrs
50 to 500 participants

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Innovation Inspiration Carrousel

The Innovation Inspiration Carrousel is a perfect combination of meeting new people, brainstorming on innovation in your line of work and getting inspired to change. An energetic and flexible concept that can scale easily to accommodate smaller groups of 20 to big groups of over a 100

Beginner / Intermediate / Expert
1 hour
20 to 100+ participants

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Do you want the creativity of your organisation to be at the highest level? Then our online masterclass is the way to make your organisation even more creative using scientifically proven tricks. You will learn how to use creativity to achieve better results.

Beginner / Intermediate
2 x 1,5 hours
10 to 20 participants

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