Brain Fuel – a unique ideation tool

Our mission is to ensure that as many ideas as possible change into great ideas

Brain Fuel lets you look at your problem from a different perspective. This allows you to come up with incredible new ideas you’d normally never think of. So, are you an innovator, teacher, strategist, entrepreneur, designer, student, humanitarian or anyone else who wants to solve a problem in a creative way? Brain Fuel is your answer.

Proof of concept

While making Brain Fuel the tool it is today, we wanted to be really sure that Brain Fuel works as well for others as that it does for us. That’s why we’re honored that we could test Brain Fuel at amazing companies and with incredible people. But that's not all! Brain Fuel was:

  • Tested by more than 1250 people
  • Tested in 10 countries
  • Tested by 30 different cultures
  • Funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Why should I choose Brain Fuel

It's fast

Unlike other brainstorming tools, you don’t have to read an entire user guide before you can start your brainstorm with Brain Fuel. Just draw a card, and ideas will start flowing. Here, take Robin Hood: how would he deal with the problem you’re currently facing? See, you immediately get ideas you’d normally never think of. Your creative flow has been ignited within a minute!

It's easy

You just experienced that only one card makes you look at your problem from a different perspective. Congratulations, you broke through your standard thought pattern. And that’s what every single Brain Fuel card does. And these are just the cards, we’re not even talking about all our brainstorming methods yet!

It's fun

Some people feel forced to come up with the most magnificent solution everytime they brainstorm. Unfortunately trying too hard hardly ever leads to creative ideas. Brain Fuel gets people going and brings excitement and surprisement into group dynamics. This helps to spark the creativity of an entire group because boundaries disappear when you’re having fun.

Okay, so you love your own product. But, what do others think of Brain Fuel?

Speed, humor and energy

"I used Brain Fuel for a session with my team, in which we only had 1,5 hours to brainstorm about two major themes. The method brings speed, humor and energy into the group, which gives you a great harvest of ideas in a relatively short time. And in a fun way!"

Rixt Sijtsma
Webcare manager Aegon

I love the methodology behind Brain Fuel

"Brain Fuel is captivating, it immediately engages. Brainstorming is a waste of time if it results in a lack of action, but Brain Fuel uses a creative structure to turn unproductive into productive.

I love the methodology behind Brain Fuel. The association cards unlock memories I forgot I had and uses them for creative solutions. Brain Fuel is a game changer."

Ben Bungert
Strategic R&D at Learn Launch

Loads of possibilities in a easy accessible and quick way

"The brainstorm cards are good to use in retrospectives with our scrum teams. Instead of the default, "what went well, what can we improve the list", the card set offers loads of possibilities to reflect in a easy accessible and quick way. Brainstorming about possible improvements will be fun and less obvious too."

Laura Zschuschen
Agile Coach KLM Royal Dutch Airlines